Mr. Wu Wenjie-Chairman of XnMatrix: Decentralized Storage and Computing are the Footstone for Digital Civilization of Humankind

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / August 11, 2020 / On August 7th 2020, Grand Bay· The Week of International Blockchain” co-hosted by Cointelegraph China and Cointelegraph was solemnly held with “One World, One Vision, One Dream” as its vision, focusing on the hotspots of blockchain around the world and aiming to build bridge among the international blockchain industry.

XnMatrix’s Chairman Mr. Wu Wenjie was invited to the conference and delivered the keynote speech on “XnMatrix the Decentralized Cloud Computing Platform and Ecosystem”

The Upcoming Decentralized Data Computing Era

By 2020, the data from all over the world is not exactly storing on the centralized server, like Ali Cloud, Amazon Cloud and Google Cloud, which means the time of decentralized computing is coming. The decentralized storage represented by IPFS will expand the traditional centralized storage market. We are optimistic about IPFS and are going to develop Decentralized market. RRMine, XnMatrixs Eco-partner, is ranked among the top places, according to the Filecoin Test, in the fields of mining machine, mine filed, technical investment and IPFS computing power eco-system globalization after multi-round of tests.

Three Challenges for Mass Data


The data storage volume of the world is around 3*ZB which is as much as 300*P. As data doubles each year, if the cost cannot be lowered, it would be a challenge to keep all our data, and the development of the world will be severely hampered. The storage volume of the world will be 100,000 times as much as that of IPFS network, a huge market space. Miners have invested approximately 5-10 billion capital in the IPFS market, the challenge of the storage cost is the driving force for the occurrence and success of the IPFS.

Data Privacy and Security

Data security is a global problem while IPFS a great solution to it. A part of commercial data will store up on the centralized storage while the personal and private data will be kept on a more open and more secure storage–the decentralized data storage.

The liquidity of Data Asset

Data is the future gold, blood and petroleum. Data interaction will generate value, the usersdata of all the network companies will go through second liquidation. For instance, we see an article, the relevant ads will pop out everywhere. Todays headlines is doing a great job on this point. Technically, the so-called big data engine is taking advantage of the data without the consents of the users. So the data itself is a kind of asset, and asset liquidates.

Centralization has its advantages in this world, so has decentralization its logics. As the occurrences of the new production factors, such as IPFS, BTC, ETH, the new terminals come up as well, including the robots of next-generation whose data collection, storage, interactive capabilities are 10 times as much as the data sampling capability of the mobile phone. The storage, utility, interaction, liquidation of these data will overturn the present situation and can make difference to the world. The new platform and system will be coming up as well.

Therefore, the decentralized world is the a world of computing, a world of storage, and world is coming.

Intelligent Civilization, Digitalizing Humankind

The defined digital civilization is a diversified computing power. After the year of 2015, the development of AI has been making changes to the whole computing. From Moores law to AI, awareness computing, cognition computing, sport intellect, intelligent hardware is everywhere. Endless data take part in computing, a QR code can record all the places you have been.

So, including IPFS decentralized storage, decentralized finance, the mining machines, storage, robotic hardware, we can see that this world is taken place and deconstructed by AI. This the future of the intelligent civilization. Each person is being digitalized. In the digital time, storage and computing matter the most. This is the greatness of IPFS. We hope, by virtue of XnMatrix platform, to integrate these great computing power, and platform together so as to benefit more people.

When there is the sun, there is the moon; when there is darkness, there is brightness; when there is federal system, there is centralization system; therefore, the centralization and decentralization well co-exist in the future. We have Ali Cloud, Google, Amazon in the centralized world that construct the foundation of WEB2.0

The decentralized computing and storage will be the footstone for the new civilization of human AI

The market of decentralized cloud computing has exceeded 10billion USD in 2019, and it is expected to exceed 15billion USD this year. BTC has made changes to the underlying credit which is also the underlying system of the finance credit, ETH intelligent contract has altered the upper financing service. Next, more applications be put in use. This is where IPFS comes up, the decentralized storage and decentralized computing will co-construct the foundation of the next web. With boinc as the representation of decentralized computing, decentralized storage amounts to IPFS plus Filecoin, they are the core foundation of the whole future social digitalized operation.

Apart from the underlying infrastructure, there are upper applications. The future App store will no longer be App store or the Google App store, instead, the store featured with computing and AI interaction will be taking place which is a store only for the computing interaction. On top of the applications, there will be practical applications like IPFS computing power, Defi service, and robots. The Logic of date storage, interaction, privacy security will be reconstructed based on decentralized computing.

The time of AI is coming, computing power will become energy and storage the soil. All the eco-systems will establish a brand new digital civilized forest. XnMatrix builds a global decentralized cloud computing platform to embrace the challenges in the time of AI and big data by security and trust.


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